Repair a Gas Leaf Blower on a Budget

It is normal for a gas leaf blower or a leaf shredder to eventually need some maintenance and most of the problems with the device are easy things to repair, especially if you catch the problems before they escalate. Knowing to recognize simple problems as they arise will help you save time and money on more elaborate repairs later.

Before Use – Read Your Users Manual

Before you use your leaf blower, you should read through your users manual. This document comes with the device in order to tell you exactly how it works. If you understand how your device is supposed to function correctly, you will be able to identify times when the leaf blower is having problems.

Look for the Problem

If you do not know why your leaf blower is not working properly, look over it carefully to find anything that stands out. Before you do this, however, you should make sure that it is not on, and that there is no gas that may turn it on during your inspection for safety reasons.

Don’t assume that the problem is in the machine or hard to find, as it could be a snapped starter cord or a broken connection. Make sure you look over the entire device to make sure that everything is in place to make finding the cause of the problem easier.

Remember to check the spark plug, as it could be preventing the machine to start. You will know that it is the problem if it is black and corroded. Spark plugs are usually cheep and easy to replace.

If your machine will not start at all, it could be the starter mechanism. If anything has fallen apart or is out of place inside the mechanism, you may need professional assistance in repairing it.

The last thing you should check is the fuel tank and fuel line. Make sure that the fuel tank’s cap is not missing and is in good condition. Also make sure that there is not a leak in the tank or on the fuel line, as that will cause problems.

Fixing the Problem

The spark plug is arguably the easiest thing to fix. All you need to do is unscrew or pull out the old one and install the new one, making sure there is nothing in the hole that could damage your new plug.

If your starter pack isn’t working, you will need to remove it to repair it. Remove the old spring and starter rope and install a new one that you can purchase at most repair shops. Make sure that you rewind the rope tightly, as the old one had been. After you have installed the spring and rope, screw the pack back on the blower.

You can also purchase a new fuel tank or fuel line from a repair ship. Double-check that your purchase the right one for your model. The new model should come with instructions based on your model type on how to remove the old one and replace the new.

Though with some issues you will have to have it repaired by a professional, by knowing how to fix a few things yourself, you can save money on repair costs.