Repair a Small Leak with Epoxy Putty

a curvy leaking pipe
What You'll Need
Epoxy putty
Sand paper
Paper towel
Dry towels

Epoxy putty can provide an effective way to fix a small leak. It holds up well and it is relatively easy to use and install. Follow this simple guide to plug leaks, whether in pipes or walls.

Step 1 - Locate the Leak

Before you can apply any fix, you have to find the source of the problem. Run a dry paper towel along the edge of the area you think is leaking. Remove the paper towel periodically and take a look at its surface. If there are signs of wet spots, you have narrowed down the location of the leak. Continue with this process until you have uncovered all the leaking areas.

Step 2 - Mark the Leaks

Once you have found the leaks, clearly mark them with a pencil or marker. This will help you when you go to seal the leak.

Step 3 - Turn off Water

Turn off the water supply to the house. Go to the primary water main that is responsible for bringing water into the house and shut it off (you can shut the valve off at the source or if you have flexible piping).

Step 4 - Sand the Pipes

Use sandpaper to sand down the pipes. Clean the pipes after you have completely sanded them. You want to make sure the pipes do not have any debris or grit on them from the sanding. If you have copper water lines, they should be shiny in appearance. If you have PVC piping, it should look roughed up from the sanding.

Step 5 - Cut the Epoxy

Open the tube of epoxy and cut some from the tube. Kneed the epoxy putty gently in between your fingers. When finished, the putty should be completely mixed. If the epoxy has turned a solid color, you know that it has been mixed sufficiently.

Step 6 - Press Epoxy onto Pipe

Using the epoxy you have just mixed, press it onto the pipe, at the location of the leak. The epoxy should cover the leak completely and should extend at lest an inch or more from the edge of the leak. If your leaking area is around the pipe fitting, then you need to completely wrap the fitting with the putty.


Never allow the epoxy to sit over a long period of time. You should ideally use the epoxy within three to four minutes after it has been mixed.

Wait to turn your water back on until the epoxy has cured. It may take a couple hours for it to set properly, at which point you can clean up any mess.