Repair Roof Flashing: Tips for Corrugated Metal Roofs Repair Roof Flashing: Tips for Corrugated Metal Roofs

To prevent serious damage on your home, you need to maintain and repair roof flashing on your corrugated metal roof regularly. Note that once your roof flashing is damaged, your roof becomes prone to leaks, putting your home at risk of water damage. To help you repair the flashing on your corrugated metal roof, here are some tips.

Observe Correct Measurements

You need to take the correct measurements of the areas that need flashing. When taking measurements on the eaves and sides of the roof, you need to add ¼ inch to your measurement for allowance. Use this measurement to determine the length and the width of the metal sheets you need for your flashing.

Use the Right Metal Screws

When using metal sheets for your flashing, you should use the right metal screws for the purpose. Metal screws can provide the flashing stronger hold as compared to nails. Moreover, using screws will eliminate the need to do some hammering on your roof so you reduce the risk of dents and nicks on your roof caused by hammer blows.

Take Care of the Corners

Bending and soldering metal flashing on the corners can be tricky so unless you have superior carpentry skills, you may want to invest in custom-made flashing designed for corners. This way, you will not have so much trouble cutting and fitting flashings on the corners of your roof.

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