Repair Your Old Fridge Door Handle

Refrigerators are often the most expensive appliance in a kitchen. With use, parts of the fridge can get damaged and break. If the fridge door handle is the only part broken, you can repair it and update your kitchen in just a few easy steps.

Contact the manufacturer of your refrigerator to find a handle that fits your model.  If your fridge isn't too outdated, there is a good chance that the manufacturer will have spare parts for your refrigerator.  

Remove the Old Door Handle

Unscrew the old door handle and save the screws.  If you picked up the replacement door handle at a second hand shop, you might need the screws from your old refrigerator.  

Attach the New Door Handle

Hold the fridge door handle in place while you put the screws back.  Tighten the screws to avoid jiggling in the handle.  Make sure that the door handle is tightly in place and test the door by opening and closing.