Repair Your Outdoor Concrete Countertop Repair Your Outdoor Concrete Countertop

A concrete countertop is perfect for an outdoor kitchen because of its durability and beauty. Once installed, it's quite easy to maintain and keep clean. However, if your outdoor concrete countertop is cracked and damaged, it's important to fix the problem. Luckily, it's quite easy to repair a concrete countertop. Here's what you need to do.

Step 1 - Prevention

Preventing damage is an important first step in keeping your concrete countertops free from problems. When using the countertop, be mindful that concrete can chip. Never cut food directly on the surface. Instead, use a cutting board. In addition to causing chips when cutting a concrete surface, you can also damage the seal.

Step 2 - Seal the Counter

If you repair the seal on a regular basis, you can prevent damage to the countertop. It's very easy to apply sealer to a concrete countertop. Reapply as often as the manufacturer recommends.

Step 3 - Wax

It's also important to reapply the wax on a regular basis. The best way to check if new wax sealer is required is to put some water on the surface of the countertop. If the water beads, the wax seal does not need to be replaced yet. If it doesn't, it needs to be reapplied.
If the wax seal becomes damaged or stained, rub the area that has become damaged with pads to repair the surface, and then reapply more wax. If the surface becomes stained, you can remove a stain using diamond pads in the range of 800-, 1200-, 1500- or even 3000-grits.

First, wipe the surface of the countertop in the area of the stain and start rubbing using one of the grit pads. Continue rubbing until the water you use to scrub becomes cloudy. Wipe the water away and see if the stain has been removed. If it has, dry the countertop and wax it.
If the stain has not been removed, use an 800-grit pad to try and remove the stain. Start scrubbing the stain, working in large circles. As you scrub, check to see if the stain is being removed and make sure you're not scrubbing so much as to ruin the surface of the countertop.

Step 4 - Remove Chips

If an edge has become chipped you can reshape it with a grinder. After using the grinder, polish the area and then reapply seal and wax. Concrete countertops work well in an outdoor kitchen because concrete is naturally durable and resilient to the elements. It’s a great surface to work on when cooking outdoors, and can provide many years of enjoyment for your family.

Although it can become cracked over time, a concrete countertop is sturdy and functional. You can cook a whole meal outside with the counter space concrete can provide. Cracks are relatively easy to repair, and the counter doesn't require inordinate amounts of maintenance.

A concrete countertop is also aesthetically pleasing, and goes well with a wide variety of different outdoor decors.

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