Repairing a Broken Telescoping Flag Pole

Telescoping flag poles are well known for their flexibility, strength, and resilience. Repairing a broken or damaged flagpole can be a challenge.

If your flag pole breaks as the result of normal use within the period of the warranty, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Return it to the supplier and request a replacement that satisfies the terms of the guarantee.

Step 1 - Identify the Location of the Break

If the break is in only one of the telescoping sections, it may be possible to buy a replacement section from the manufacturer.

Step 2 - Remove the Broken Section

Usually, a section of the pole will slide out quite easily when the twist locking system is fully released. If the section is between 2 other sections, first release it from the lower section and then release the upper sections from it. Do not do this with any other form of locking system.

Step 3 - Examine the Break

If the break is limited to the bottom end of the section, it might be possible to cut the broken part off. To do this, use a hack saw and then use a fine glass paper to smooth the cut end and remove any burrs. Move the locking ring onto the undamaged part of the section before cutting.

Step 4 - Find the Stop

Examine the bottom of the broken end and identify what it is that prevented the section from sliding through the locking ring. You have to create a similar stop on the newly cut end. It is often little more than a nipple on the pipe that can be made with a little epoxy resin.

Step 6 - Reassemble the Pole

Once the resin has dried completely, reassemble the pole and test it. You should find that the pole will extend as easily as before, but with one section shorter.

Step 7 - Replacement

If the repair can not be carried out or is unsatisfactory, you will have to buy a replacement section from the manufacturer or store. Fit it according to the instructions..

Step 8 - Factory Refurbishment

You might find that your pole can not be repaired and must be returned to the factory. This repair will usually include a check of the rest of the flag pole and be well worth the extra cost and wait.

Step 9 - Flag Pole Holder

If the flag pole holder has broken, examine it to see if it is reparable. These pieces usually only break because of excessive loading.

Step 10 - Flag Snaps

Flag snaps are easily replaced and can be bought from the flag pole supplier. Generally, you simply click the snaps onto the pole or slide them down from the top.