Repairing a Carpet Threshold

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What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Replacement section of carpet
Utility knife
Carpet tacks
Tape measure

You will find that the carpet threshold abutting the door will often be the location where the most wear and tear will occur. Knowing how to repair this section of carpet will ensure that the flooring looks its best.

Step 1 - Remove Damaged Section

If the carpet threshold has been damaged beyond what cleaning can repair, it will be necessary to remove this section to replace it. Lay a straightedge at the edge of the damaged section, hold it firmly to enable you to run the blade of a utility knife along the edge. Take care not to cut the underlay, which can remain in place if it hasn’t suffered damage.

Step 2 - Cut Carpet

After vacuuming away any loose carpet fibers that have resulted from the work, carefully measure the recess. To ensure that the carpet threshold looks good, make sure that the replacement carpet is an exact match. Check the grain of the pile to ensure it is the right way around and measure carefully.

Step 3 - Attach Replacement

Fix the carpet in place and secure the carpet threshold in place by using a hammer to insert tacks around the edges.