Repairing a Chipped Wooden Window Sash

What You'll Need
Wood filler
Emery board
Tack cloth
Wood glue
Power sander
120 grit sandpaper
Clean rag

A wooden window sash is an older style of window accessory that is made of a moveable part of wood (the sash) which creates the frame around the panes of glass. In recent years the wooden sash windows has been replaced by those using wood due to them being more effective. A wooden sash window can have more than one sash depending on the size of the window. If the wooden window sash becomes chipped it can make the window weaker as a whole as well as allowing air to escape the home and to enter it. You can replace a chipped wooden sash window but that can become very expensive. You can, however, easily repair it and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Replace the Chip

If you are lucky enough to have the chunk of wood that was chipped out of the wooden sash window then you are in good standing. This means your job has just become much easier. Fit the chip in the sash and make sure that it fits perfectly. If it does not completely fit you can still replace it and then continue on with the rest of the Steps. If it does fit, and covers the entire area, then apply wood glue to the site as well as the piece of wood and press it in place. If glue is squeezed out of the sides quickly wipe it away with a clean rag. If you wait for it to set you will need to sand the area and then paint.

Step 2 – Prepare the Site

If you do not have the chip that was taken out of the wooden sash window then you will have to do some cosmetic surgery. To begin, the site has to be removed of any wood splinters or loose bits. Use the emery board like sand paper and sand the site until it is smooth. Make use of the tack cloth and wipe the area free of dust particles.

Step 3 – Fill

Wood filler is a great way to repair a wooden sash window because it is easy and cheap. Choose wood filler that is thick and quick drying. Some wood filler you find will need a caulking gun while others will be in small glue bottles. Avoid any that appears to be too runny. Use the wood filler and fill the area where the chip is. Do not worry about filling it too much but do take care that none of it finds its way to the window sill.

Step 4 – Sand and Paint

Wood filler is very hard when it cures, but you will also be left with a bump of wood filler which will make the window look unsightly. Use a power sander to carefully sand the filler down until it is flush with the rest of the window. Use a tack cloth to wipe away the dust and then paint it the same color as the rest of the window.