Repairing a Crack in Granite Sinks

A granite sink.
What You'll Need
Plastic spatula
Scouring powder
Black epoxy filler
Soft towels
Painters tape

Granite sinks are very sought after for kitchen and bathroom needs. They are beautiful and can really set a mood wherever they are installed. The one downfall of granite sinks is that they are quite expensive due to the cost of granite and the methods used to create the form. Granite sinks are also not as sturdy as you would think. They can crack for various reasons, but instead of scrapping it and buying a new one, you can repair it. It is not very difficult to repair cracked granite sinks, and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 - Clean the Sink

Before you can repair granite sinks, you need to first give them a thorough cleaning. If you try to do the repair without cleaning the sink, the epoxy may not set properly. Cleaning the sink prior to repairing can also remove any surface scratches that may have formed. Pour the scouring powder around the inside of the sink. Run the water slightly until it is warm, and then lightly dampen a towel. Gently scrub the inside of the sink, moving the scouring powder around. This will remove water spots, oil, grease, and grime, as well as surface scratches. Rinse out the sink, and then wipe it clean. If you want to remove tougher scratches, then use a fine-grade scrubbing pad. You will need to press firmly while scrubbing and then rinse out the sink again. Allow it to dry before continuing the repair.

Step 2 - Prepare the Sink

Inspect the cracks in the sink. Larger cracks in granite sinks are easier to fix, as smaller cracks are harder to fill. Use the painter’s tape to tape along the edges of the cracks. You want it to be as flush with the edges as possible. Place newspapers along the inside of the sink, and tape them down. The tape and the newspaper are there to prevent the epoxy from getting on the rest of the sink. Once the granite sink is prepared, you can then mix the epoxy filler. Epoxy filler normally comes in two parts. Mix them according to the directions on the container.

Step 3 - Fill the Cracks

Filling cracks in granite sinks can be a time-consuming process, but it is not difficult to do. For larger cracks, pour the epoxy in them until it reaches the surface. Use the plastic spatula to spread it out as well as push it down. Use the spatula to press the epoxy firmly into the cracks. It also needs to be spread flush with the rest of the sink. Add more epoxy as needed. Filling smaller cracks can be done in the same manner, but without pouring the epoxy. Instead, you can use the spatula to apply and spread out the epoxy. Remove the paper and tape, and allow the epoxy to cure for several days before using the sink.