Repairing a Frameless Glass Shower Door Leak

A frameless glass shower door can add sophistication and elegance to a room, without costing too much. There are many advantages to installing a frameless glass shower door, including the fact that it is easier to clean, since dirt and soap reside will not collect around the edges of the frame. However, some frameless shower doors can be at risk of leaking, due to their design and the way they are installed. In order to repair the leak, you must know where that leak originated, and how to prevent further damage in the future.

Leaking from the Door Seal

During installation, the door can sometimes be placed just slightly off of true, and this can cause a gap in the door frame through which water can leak. If water is escaping from the seal, then the only real option for repairing it is to have the door removed and re-hung so that there are no gaps.

Leaking from the Door Curb

The second place where leaks are likely to occur is the door curb, which is the frame the door rests upon. These can be fitted as one piece, but they are also fitted from two or three parts slotted together, and this can cause leaking through the seals. If the leak is coming from this area, then it can be repaired by using a water-proof sealant, or by re-grouting the leak.