Repairing a Hole in a Furnace Duct

If there is a hole in your furnace duct you can get it fixed yourself. With the right tools and this guide you will be able to fix it in a short time. Here’s how you do the job.


Inspect the area in question. Ascertain the size of the hole on the furnace duct. Head to the nearest hardware store and buy metal sheet, caulk, screws or rivets, drill and duct tape. These are the materials that you will need.


Cut the metal sheet. Make sure the size of the metal sheet is bigger that the existing hole on the furnace blower. Place it on the hole. Now you have to make the sheet stay in place. Screwing the sheet in place will work better in the long run. In order to place the screw you need to drill holes. Be careful while using a drill this time around. Make holes that leave a gap of two or three inches. With a brush, apply caulk around the hole's opening. Place the cutout metal sheet over the hole. Use screws or rivets to screw the metal sheet in place. Now use the duct tape to seal the edges of the metal patchwork.