Repairing a Kitchen Sink Hose

What You'll Need
Replacement Hose/Kitchen Sink Sprayer Kit

If your kitchen sink hose stops working, there is a good chance that the problem is simple and easy to fix. You will usually be able to fix a broken kitchen sink sprayer by simply replacing its hose. While patching a non-functional hose is possible, completely replacing the hose is usually the best option. You should be able to replace the hose fairly quickly, even if you have no related experience. The following instructions to fix your sink hose should get your kitchen sink sprayer up and running again before you know it.

Step 1 - Planning and Preparing

Before you commit to any time consuming repairs, check to make sure that all of the connections to your hose are functional, and that there are no easily fixed problems such as a kink in the hose.

If you still need to perform your repairs, go to the hardware store and buy a replacement kit. You should be able to find a kitchen sink sprayer kit or replacement hose that fits your needs without difficulty.

If the problem is something other than the hose, replacing it will not fix your problem.

Step 2 - Setting Up

Before you make any changes, turn off your sink's water supply valve. After you have done this, get out your bucket and position it under you sink in a place where it will catch any water that falls out of the hose when you disconnect it. Gather the rest of your tools and place them nearby, so you will have easy access to them.

Step 3 - Removing the Old Hose

Get out your wrench and use it to remove the hex nut at the base of the hose. Be sure that, as you do this, the base of the hose is positioned over the bucket. When you release it, be ready to allow the water to drain out into the bucket. Once the hose is empty, you can use your wrench to loosen and remove the hex nut at the top of the hose.

Once you have done this, the hose should be easy to remove. Take it out and discard it.

Step 4 - Installing the New Hose

Place the new hose in the spot you removed the old hose from. Put one end of the hose into the base. Tighten the hex nut as far as it will go using your wrench. Next, insert the top of the hose into the top socket, and repeat the process of tightening the hex nut with your wrench.

Once you have tightened both nuts fully, check to make sure that everything is in place, then turn the water valve on. At this point, your kitchen sink sprayer should be in good working order. Try it out to see if water comes out. Additionally, you should look under the sink while your sprayer is in use (you may need to ask for help from a friend with this) to check for leaks. Make any adjustments that are necessary if you discover a problem.