Repairing a Leaking Toilet Tank

Toilet tank with tools on top
What You'll Need
Gasket sealant
Tank-to-bowl kit

While many problems arise in the bathroom, one of the most common is a leaking toilet tank. The good news is that the one easy approach is simply to adjust the toilet tank plumbing to repair leaks from the tank. If you become aware of water leaking on the floor or between the toilet tank and bowl, then you should try and fix the leaks quickly. If you ignore the leaks, your water bills will be more expensive because of undue water wastage plus the water could cause damage to your floor. You do not have to call a professional plumber but you can try to do the plumbing job yourself without a huge time commitment.

Step 1 - Get Started

water valve

Turn off the water valve near your toilet tank and put a large towel on the floor to dry the water that leaked. If you are not able to locate the valve, then you have to turn off the main water supply.

Step 2 - Empty the Tank and Remove the Water Tube

Remove as much water as you can from the tank by flushing it down the toilet. It will not refill with the water supply turned off. Dry the rest of the water left in the tank with a sponge or rag. Use a pair of pliers to remove the water tube from the side of the tank.

Step 3 - Change the Gaskets

The toilet tank is held down onto the bowl with a number of bolts. Unscrew and remove those bolts and after pulling out the tank, place it gently on the towel you previously placed on the ground. You need to remove the old gaskets and replace them with new ones. Make sure to clean the tank surface before you install the new gaskets. This is the area that has to be sealed by the gaskets. Put some gasket sealant around the gasket itself, then remove any extra sealant and install the gasket.

Step 4 - Place the Washers and Tighten the Bolts

Place the rubber washers in the tank to seal your bolts securely. Make sure they are tight enough before placing the nuts and washers in the tank.

Step 5 - Put the Toilet Tank Back on the Bowl

inside a toilet tank

Put the toilet tank back on the bowl and seal all the bolts with a washer and a nut. Check the nuts to see that they are secure. Shake the tank gently and tighten the nuts more if the tank moves. Do not overtighten the bolts as this can crack your tank.

Step 6 - Reconnect the Water Line

After fixing the bolts and nuts, it is time to put the water line back on. Remember to slowly fill the tank with water while testing it for leaks. Open the water valve or turn the main water supply back on and keep an open eye for water seepage. You can also flush the toilet and inspect the area around the seal and bolts for leaks.

In case there are no leaks, you can then turn on the valve or the main supply to completely fill the tank. If you fail to fix the leak yourself, it is a good idea to call a professional to look into the repair for you.