Repairing a Rusted Metal Railing

What You'll Need
Wire brush and drill
Metal bonding agent

If you have a rusted metal railing you need to remove the rust. Not only will that make the railing look better it will stop the railing from crumbling.

Step 1 - Scraper

Begin by placing a drop cloth under the railing to catch all the rust. This will make the clean up much easier later. With a scraper remove all the loose paint and all the rust that will come off.

Step 2 - Wire Brush

Fix a wire brush onto the drill. Use it on all the rusted areas to take out the remainder of the rust. Be as thorough as you can be. It might be that the rust has eaten away some areas. Use the wire brush to bring the railing down to the bare metal.

Step 3 - Bonding

Fill any areas that need it with metal bonding agent. Once it’s dried, sand it down so it’s level with the rest of the metal railing.

Step 4 - Painting

Use 2 think coats of metal primer on the metal railing, applying it with a paintbrush to reach all areas. Finish with 2 thin coats of metal paint to give full protection to the metal railing.