Repairing a Snowboard: Fixing Broken Strap Bindings

What You'll Need
Additional Strap
Sewing Kit

If you are a keen snowboarder, then you will know the problems of fixing the broken strap bindings on a snowboard. Strap bindings are the most popular way of securing your boots to the board, and they consist of two straps which flex over the boot and are then buckled down tight. These are flexible, helping you to fit them around your shoes no matter what size of boot you take. Although they are inexpensive, it can be annoying when they break. A snowboard should never be ridden with broken straps, as they could easily come loose while you are riding, and cause you to fall. Fixing your bindings is not too difficult.

Step 1 - Assess the Damage

The first thing you should do is look at the damage on the strap. The strap is made of an interior strip which is padded, and contains the tightening device, while the outer strap is made from plastic with several teeth. These things are designed to see as much action as a snowboard, so they are fairly tough. Straps often break along the toothed side, at pressure points such as the buckle, or near the connector. They can also separate into the two strips, making it difficult to insert them into the buckle. Look at the break, and see if it is part of the binding, or part of the buckle which has broken. If you have separated strips, then you can easily repair this, but for broken teeth or other damage, you will need to buy some replacement snowboard bindings.

Step 2 -Removing the Bindings

Remove the bindings from your snowboard. You will need to do this by taking out the screws which are holding the bindings in place. There should be four screws holding the two sets of binding strips onto the board. Remove both of them. Keep the screws, as you will need these to replace the bindings once they have been repaired. You should also keep the washers which secure the screws on the other side of the board.

Step 3 - Fix the Strap Bindings

When you have removed the straps, take your sewing kit and connect the two pieces of broken strap together using a running stitch. You may have to sew the same point over several times to get the right amount of connection, but you should be able to stitch the two strips back together. You can always replace it with a new binding in the future.

Step 4 - Replacing the Bindings

Take your bindings, whether old or new, and line them up on the snowboard. You will have several sets of screws to choose from, so if you want to make your legs slightly wider apart or closer together, you can also adjust your bindings position at the same time. Otherwise, insert the anchor screws into position, push them through the bindings, and secure. Add the washers, and tighten the screws until you have secured the bindings.