Repairing a Spanish Tile Roof

What You'll Need
Membrane Patch
Spanish Roof Tiles

Spanish roof tile will truly last a long time if you take care of it and maintain it. Spanish roof tile adds such beauty and character to the exterior of any home. It is often found in warmer climates such as along the California coast line. In order to make sure your spanish roof tile lasts as long as it should, you need to take the proper steps to maintain and care for it over the years. By following the simple steps below on a routine basis, you will be sure to have a beautiful spanish roofline for years to come.

Step 1 - Check the Roof

Get up on your ladder and climb onto the roof. Remember, always have a spotter watching you climb and descend from the ladder. The spotter should be there to hold the ladder in place as you transfer from the ladder over to the roof and vice versa.

As you approach the roof, take some time to visually inspect the surface for any wear and tear or any cracks or breakage points in the spanish roof tile.

Step 2 - Check the Membrane

After you have spotted the damaged roof tiles, you will need to mark them off so that you remember to take care of them during your maintenance. Go to each of these damaged spots and take a look underneath the tiles. You are looking to make sure that the 'membrane' underneath the tiles is not damaged and still remains intact.

Step 3 - Patch the Membrane

If  you notice small cracks in the membrane, take out membrane patch material and apply it thinly and evenly over the surface. This will create a seal between the membrane and the roof. If the membrane has been torn completely, you will need to remove the roof tile. The roof tile can be slid out of place and the membrane will be exposed. If you cannot patch it, then cut the membrane and replace it with a new piece. Fix it in place by nailing it to the roof. Ensure that the new piece fits under the edges of the old membrane so water cannot get under. Replace the roof tile.

Step 4 - Patch the Tiles

Take some time to patch the tiles. Pull out mortar for the tiles and apply it to the broken areas or the cracked portions of your spanish tile. This will help to maintain the integrity of the tile and it will improve the life of the tile on your roof.

Step 5 - Replace the Tiles

If you find tiles that have been broken altogether, replace them with new spanish tiles. It is better to attack small problems than to let the problems permeate throughout the roof. Water damage can spread even with one or two broken tiles and it is better to replace them one at a time than to have to deal with a replacement of an entire roof. Attach the tiles to the roof membrane.

Repeat this process at least once a year.