How to Repair a Tub Spout Diverter

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What You'll Need
Teflon tape
Putty knife
New tub-spout diverter

Tub spout diverters are installed to ease the flow of water through the plumbing into the bathtub or showerhead. Regularly maintain diverters in order to protect the valuable components of your bath or shower. Follow these simple steps to effectively repair a tub spout diverter.

Step 1 - Remove Caulking

Use a putty knife to loosen and remove the caulking which surrounds the tub spout. Be extra cautious not to damage the tub or tile.

Step 2 - Unscrew the Tub Spout

Unscrew the tub spout from the threaded pipe. If it is difficult to loosen the door, apply some lubricant to the threads.

Step 3 - Selecting the Pipe

Take the thread to a home improvement store and buy a matching piece to replace it. All plumbing materials must match in both size and material.

Step 4 - Wrap with Teflon Tape

Teflon tape or PTFE around plumbing of spout's connection point to the threaded pipe. Teflon tape is an inexpensive, thin white tape that is used to seal water, air, and gas pipes. Spin the tape layers directly off the roll around the threads. Completely cover the threads to ensure sure that the fresh valve assembly does not spring a leak.

Step 5 - Installing the New Spout

Use a screwdriver to fasten the new tub spout diverter. Caulk around the fresh spout towards the base.

Tips and Warnings

Before installing the new tub spout diverter, use a wire brush to remove the corrosion from the threads of the connecting pipes. Do not over-tighten the spout; doing so can damage the shower wall. If you have trouble loosening the caulking, apply some WD-40 to the threads and try again.