Repairing Asphalt Roofing with Leaks Repairing Asphalt Roofing with Leaks

What You'll Need
Plastic Roof Cement
Utility Knife Blade (Hooked)
Pry Bar

When you are dealing with asphalt roofing that is leaking, then there are a few things to keep in mind. It's important to spend a little time beforehand researching, so you know what will be required. It's a job that any do-it-yourselfer can do, but it does require some elbow grease and specific materials.

Step 1- Safety

The most important thing that you are going to need to be aware of is safety. Make sure that your ladder is set up properly, and that you know for sure that it is sturdy and not going to fall. Make sure that you consider your attic space when you are looking for the leak as well. You don’t want to end up falling through your attic.

Step 2 - Find the Leak

You are now ready to try to find your leak. It is a good idea for you to not only check on the outer part of the roof, but the inner part of it as well. Get inside of your attic and look for water. In addition to doing this, get a good look at your roof and find where it is leaking. The majority of leaks occur at the flashings. You can find leaks here by inspecting all the flashing, until you see where the water is coming in. If the flashing doesn't appear to be the problem, check other places, like unsealed chimneys and the pitch points on the roof. Dark spots on the roof can indicate water problems. If you find an area that is darker than the rest of the roof, chances are you have found a leak.

Step 3 - Separate the Shingles

Once you have found the leak, you are now ready to get your shingles separated. It is a good idea for you to first check how pliable the shingles are. It's best to work on a warm day, since the shingles will be more pliable in warmer conditions. Mark the area where the damaged shingles need to come off, and plan on replacing a few shingles around the area. Remove the affected shingles with a pry bar. When you are removing your shingles, get the flat part of your pry bar under a shingle and pushing the bar in a forward motion up to the nails.  Press down on the bar to pry the nail out. Use your hook blades to cut your shingles. Add a new layer of paper and install the new shingles.

Step 4 - Different Repairs

If you find yourself dealing with a nail pop, then you need to cut the shingle that is damaged and loosen all of the surrounding nails. Nail the tab back where it needs to be with your new shingle tab. However, if you are dealing with a plumbing vent boot, then you need to remove all of the surrounding shingles around the boot, so that you can remove and replace it. 

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