Repairing Barbecue Grill Burners

  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-30
What You'll Need
Wire brush
Venturi brush (or coat hanger)
Paper clip (to clean clogged gas holes)
Ammonia (or EZ Off)
Old toothbrush

A barbecue grill burner is the lifeline of the grill. The burner can suffer from corrosive food acids to high temperatures and moisture. Burner replacement is necessary during the life of the grill. By keeping up maintenance and cleaning, the life of the burner is extended. At times, one can actually burn away the moisture or food acids. You can follow the steps below to successfully repair your grill burners.

Step 1 - Remove and Check the Burner Assembly

Remove the assembly and check the burner for cracks, obstructions, or corrosion damage. Pay careful attention, especially on the seams near to the ports of the burner along the edges. The seams usually trap grease which causes corrosion. You can usually sense weakness caused by corrosion by applying pressure with your fingers. If you have a cast iron burner, check for holes that are clogged or openings that are flaked away. These will cause the burner's size to increase and cause uneven burning.

Cracked units will need to be replaced. If there is any obstruction, it must be removed. Clean the burner’s exterior with a wire brush. This removes unnecessary residue and loose corrosion.

Step 2 - Clean the Gas Holes

With open paper clip, clean the blocked gas holes. The ammonia can be used to clean the controls using an old toothbrush. If they look too bad, they can be replaced. The burner controls are usually inexpensive.

Step 3 - Clean the Venturi Tubes

Use the venturi brush to clean any blockages by insects in the venturi tubes. A coat hanger can also be used to do this as well. To do this, bend the tip of the hanger into a small hook.

Discoloration and rust are common with stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminized steel. You will need to replace the piece if there is excessive rusting. When the burner splits at the seams or has holes rusted through, it needs to be replaced.

The grill burner will last at least two to five years, depending on the quality of its material and the maintenance that you provide in caring for it. To keep the grill burner from accumulating residue after grilling, remove all the food and close the lid. Allow the grill to cook on high temperatures for about 5 to 10 minutes. Let the grill cool. Scrub the barbecue grill by using an appropriate brush.