Repairing Broken or Cracked Panel Brick

What You'll Need
A brush
Drywall screws or the galvanized screws
Panel brick
Construction adhesive

You need to be careful when repairing a panel brick wall. The cracks might not be evident on the wall, but the reality might be that the wall is about to disintegrate.

Step 1 -- Seek the Broken Brick

Tap the bricks and listen to the sounds to figure out the extent of repairs needed. If several bricks around the cracked one produce a hollow sound, you need to replace them as well.

Step 2 -- Remove the Panel Brick

Place the chisel between the panels you want to remove. Remember that the bricks have screws that connect them to the wall. Etch out the adhesive that joins the bricks on the upper part and move in deeper as the gap enlarges. Start chipping the panel brick out along the edge by hammering the chisel.

Step 3 -- Clean the Hole

If you need to take off one panel only, clean the area with a brush.

Step 4 -- Customize the Replacement

Place the replacement brick in the gap and mark the size. If it needs trimming, place it on the working surface and cut the edges.

Step 5 -- Fix the Replacement

Insert the screws on the ends of the panel brick and apply the adhesive on the lower part of the brick. Push it into the hole and screw it into place.