Repairing Chain Saw Parts: Tips and Information

When it comes to repairing with chain saw parts, it is important to understand the various parts and how they function because parts might need replacing due to wear. Here is some information about the most common parts for a chain saw so you know which ones to use when conducting repairs.

Chain Catcher

A chain catcher is a guard made from either plastic or metal that will prevent a broken chain, pieces of chain or a derailed chain from flying off the chain bar and harming the user.


The flywheel controls the engine speed and assists keeping the engine cool. It is located on the engine component of the chain saw.


The clutch is the device that connects the controls that drive a chain saw. It is attached to the chain sprocket.

Decompression Valve

This is an important part of the chain saw because it helps release compression, allowing for the chain saw engine to start easier.

Anti-Vibration Handle

An anti-vibration handle is highly recommended by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Agency to reduce the ergonomic stress applied to a user’s hands and arms when operating a chain saw.

Hand Guard

A hand guard is a device protecting a user from a kickback, an action where the tip of the chain saw hits an object causing the saw to jerk backwards. The hand guard rests between the handle and the chain, keeping the chain from making contact with the user.

Engine Muffler

The engine muffler is a device that reduces the operating noises emitted by a working chain saw.

Chain Brake

This is a safety component that was mandated by law in 1995. Its function is to stop the chain in the event a kickback occurs, preventing the chain from harming the user.


The throttle regulates the RPMs (revolutions per minute) by increasing or decreasing the amount of fuel  supplied to the engine. The chain saw will stop when the throttle is released.

Throttle Interlock

The throttle interlock is a mechanism designed to prevent the throttle from activating. The interlock must be manually depressed in order to use the throttle.

Chain and Cain Bar

The chain saw chain and chain bar are combined to perform the cutting activity for the chain saw. These come in a variety of sizes and have different cutter styles that perform different cutting chores.

Engine Parts

There is a variety of chain saw engine parts  to consider when making repairs. Some of these include various ignition components such as ignition switches, wiring and kill switches. The engine also has a carburetor that is composed of several parts as well as vent assemblies and filters. The fuel line for the engine has parts that include filters and gaskets as well. An important part of the engine is the chain sprocket that attaches to the cutting chain and drives the saw and is a part that may need to be replaced when worn.

Always refer to the owner’s manual that accompanies the saw you purchase to identify specific chain saw parts.