Repairing a Chimney Crown Repairing a Chimney Crown

The chimney crown protects the bricks, mortar, joints, and fireplace. It’s one of the most important parts to maintaining the life of a chimney. To help prevent leaking and deterioration a chimney crown can be repaired. The items you need to complete the repair are as follows:

• Gloves
• Drop cloth
• Chisel
• Hammer
• Buckets
• Wheelbarrow
• Water
• Hoe
• Shovel
• 2 or 3 bags of masonry cement
• 1 or 2 bags of pea gravel
• Trowel

Steps to Repairing a Chimney Crown

• Firs off put the drop cloth on the roof to protect it.
• You will then want to break apart the concrete with your chisel and hammer. Be careful so you don’t accidentally damage the flue.
• Mix a bag of masonry cement and a ½ bag of pea gravel in the wheelbarrow with your hoe.
• After mixing the ingredients slowly add small amounts of water to create the proper consistency. Just before you reach the right thickness add one cup of bonding agent into the mix. Make sure to blend it in well. This will form the chimney crown.
• Place an even amount onto the chimney to create the chimney crown by surrounding the entire flue.
• Release bubbles by chopping the cement with the edge of the trowel.

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