Repairing Concrete Kitchen Counters: Mistakes to Avoid Repairing Concrete Kitchen Counters: Mistakes to Avoid

Concrete kitchen counters are, relatively speaking, quite resistant. However in time they will also require some basic repairs. Constant use, bad practices and accidents may cause scratches, cracks, chips and holes, among other damage. Here are some commonly made mistakes that you should avoid when repairing your concrete counters.

Not Waxing and Sealing the Counters Often Enough

A common mistake is to fail to wax and re-seal your countertops often enough. You should make it a point to check their status from time to time so as to see when they need to have wax reapplied, and when they should be re-sealed.

Not Sanding the Countertop Beforehand

Prior to applying wax or sealer to the concrete, you have to sand it. Failure to do so will result in an unsatisfactory application. The sanding will also help to remove stains, scratches and other inaccuracies.

Not Cleaning Beforehand

If there is a crack or a hole in the countertop, and you are going to fix it, you need to make sure that you clean the damaged area before doing so. Failure to do so will result in the concrete sealer not curing the crack properly.

Applying Just One Coating

When you apply wax or concrete sealer, you should not apply just a single coating. Allow the first coating to dry well, and then apply a second coating for best results.

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