Repairing Concrete Stairs

What You'll Need
Work wear
Putty knife
Wooden float
Plastic sheeting
Small sledge hammer
Concrete bonding agent
Ready mix concrete
Wheel barrow to mix concrete
Clear silicon caulk
Water proof caulk
Caulking gun
Cold chisel

Whenever you spot an unsightly crack in your concrete stairs, it is an immediate danger and an accident waiting to happen. You may know to avoid the cracked area altogether but other members of your household may not know and your visitors won't know either. You should repair this crack as soon as possible to avoid family members or visitors from becoming seriously injured. Because cracks in concrete stairs can be repaired easily, you will have no trouble completing this job yourself.

For Small Hairline Cracks

Step 1: Clean the Crack

Clean out the cracked area of the with a piece of wire to remove any loose debris. Not cleaning out the crack immediately will only allow it the opportunity to become larger.

Step 2: Clear Silicon Caulk

Take the clear silicon caulk and run it along the length of the crack. Now take your putty knife and push the caulk down into the crack. Smooth out the caulk flush and even with the surface of the concrete.

Step 3: Cover the Area

After the application of the clear silicon, the crack will be filled, preventing water from seeping in. The silicon will also double as a cushion for the natural expanding and contraction of the cement itself. Cover the area loosely to prevent anyone from stepping on it before it dries completely.

For Large Cracks 

Step 1: Make the Crack Larger

Use the cold chisel and small sledgehammer to make the crack bigger. Large cracks will need more work than clear silicone to get them in perfect repair.

Step 2: Make a Reverse V

In order to make the reverse V, you will need to undercut the crack. The bottom of the crack should be 1 inch wide minimum.

Step 3: Remove Debris

Take your water hose and remove the loosened debris and concrete fragments from the crack.

Step 4: Paint

Now paint the crack with the concrete bonding agent and allow it to set until it becomes a tacky texture. This will help the new concrete and the old concrete bond tightly with one another.

Step 5: Mix Concrete

In the wheel barrow, mix the ready mix concrete in accordance with the instructions on the bag. Ensure that you follow the instructions thoroughly for the right consistency of your concrete.

Step 6: Pack the Concrete

Use the wooden float to pack the concrete into the crack. Be sure to level the mixture with the top of the existing concrete.

Step 7: Setting Time

Allow the concrete to set at least 30 minutes and use a stiff paintbrush to roughen the surface of the patch to resemble the existing concrete.

Step 8: Cover the Repair

With a tarp or heavy plastic, cover the repair and leave it in place for 5 to 7 days allowing it to cure. Remove the covering once a day to lightly spray a misting water on it to help with the curing process. After the elapsed time, your repair work is good as new.