Repairing Hail Damage to Your Car Windshield

One of the car features commonly affected by hail damage is the windshield. In most cases, such damage consists of minor nicks and chips. Fortunately, this can be easily repaired. Prompt repair is vital as it forestalls more extensive damage. More severe damage or delays in repairing minor damage may necessitate windshield replacement. Below is a guide to help you repair minor damage.

Materials Needed

  • Glass cleaner
  • Clean cloths
  • Alcohol
  • Hair dryer
  • Windshield repair kit
  • Razor blade
  • Nail polish remover

Step 1 – Inspection

Carefully inspect your windshield to ascertain the extent of damage caused by the storm. The windshield consists of 3 layers. A laminated glass panel is enclosed between 2 layers of glass. If the damage appears to be confined to the exterior layers, you should be able to fix it. However, chips larger than half an inch or cracks that exceed 2 inches require professional help.

Step 2 – Clean the Windshield

It is vital that you clear the damaged area of dirt and debris. This leaves a clean surface in preparation for the repair adhesive. Use a clean cloth and glass cleaner to remove dirt and grime from the windshield. Clean the area one more time with a clean cloth and alcohol. Allow ample time for the windshield to dry completely. However, if you’re pressed for time, you may want to use a hair dryer to dry the area faster. It is vital that there is a complete absence of moisture before you apply the adhesive.

Step 3 – Attach Suction Cup

Open the repair kit and carefully read through the instructions. Take the suction cup and attach it directly over the chipped area on the inside of the windshield. This helps to stabilize the area as you work.

Step 4 – Place Plastic Disc

Remove the plastic backing from the plastic disc. Place the disc over the chipped area on the outside of the windshield. Be sure to align the disc properly so that it fits directly over the chip. Use the cone supplied with the kit to punch a hole through the disc.

Step 5 – Syringe Placement

Take the resin-filled syringe and remove the cap from the injector. Insert the injector into the disc through the hole created earlier. Ask somebody to sit inside the car to check if the injector tip is directly placed over the chip. Make adjustments to achieve proper alignment if necessary.

Step 6 – Apply Adhesive

Slowly push the syringe plunger to administer adhesive into the chip. Do not apply an excessive amount as it will create a messy surface which makes it harder to repair effectively. Ask your friend inside the car to tap gently on the windshield as you dispense the adhesive. This facilitates better flow of adhesive.

Step 7 – Remove Equipment

Check the instructions to confirm how long you need to wait before you remove the equipment. Carefully remove the attached components on both the outside and inside of the windshield. Allow the stipulated time for the repaired area to dry completely.

Step 8 – Cleaning

Use a razor blade to clean around the repaired area. Nail polish removes helps to clear traces of the adhesive. Clean the area with a glass cleaner and clean cloth.