Repairing Steam Pipe Insulation Repairing Steam Pipe Insulation

Repairing steam pipe insulation is not a hard job if you know what to do. Here is a guide that can help you through the process. 

Use Protection

Protection on your steam pipe insulation is important. This can come in the form of PVC jacketing. This is a great way to protect the insulation, especially in areas that have high traffic or other pipes nearby. You can find the insulation online or in many hardware stores. If you have this type of PVC pipe jacket and you find that it needs to be repaired, you can typically use electrical tape to fix it. If the problem is beyond the repair of electrical tape, you may want to consider just replacing all together. 

Tighten Your Fittings

If you find that you have insulation but it isn't working properly it may be because of a loose fitting. The fittings hold together the steam pipes, but can also interfere with the insulation. If the fittings are blocking the insulation or they are causing a gap which keeps the insulation from working properly, you will want to remove the fittings, then make sure that everything is back into place where it should be and then put the fittings back on. When you tighten, make sure that everything is lined up to keep the insulation from tearing or bunching.

Protective Sealant

Another way that you can protect your insulation of the steam pipe insulation is to use a protective coating. This can help to deal with any weather related wear and tear that comes up. If you are just installing the insulation, you can find the protective covering or sealant online or in many hardware stores. It can typically be painted on using a paint brush and left to dry. If you already have the coating on but you are still having problems, then you will want to consider another coat. Sometimes if it isn't a huge problem, you can just paint another coat right over and not worry about the coat that is already on. If it is really messy, you will want to make sure that you are removing the coating, with paint remover or something similar and then putting a new coating on.

If you are having problems with the insulation in general, then you can consider repairing with electrical tape or you can replace it completely. Insulation is an important aspect when it comes to steam pipe insulation so you will want to make sure that once everything is up and running you maintain it. Also, finding the right size insulation will help to keep it maintained so that rips and bunching is less likely to occur and the insulation lasts longer. When working with the insulation, make sure that you are wearing both safety gloves and goggles so that your hands and eyes are protected. Some of the insulation can be sharp in places. 

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