Repairing Toilet Tank Flapper Leaks

What You'll Need
Towels or old rags

A leaking toilet tank flapper valve can be very annoying. The sound of water running all the time. That tell-tale just flushed sound from your toilet at all hours of the day. Extra water usage and the resultant added usage to your monthly bill. These are just some of the symptoms of a leaking toilet tank flapper. Below, you will find a list of tools required and the easy steps to follow to change your toilet tank flapper valve.

Step 1 - Turn Off the Water Supply

Behind the toilet is a valve known as an angle stop. Turn the handle clockwise until it stops turning to shut of the supply of water to the toilet tank.

Step 2 - Empty the Tank

The easiest way to do this is to simply flush the toilet. The tank doesn’t need to be dry to replace the flapper, you just need make it so that you don’t have a tank full of water making things difficult for you.

Step 3 - Remove the Tank Lid

Lift and set it aside carefully. This piece is not reinforced porcelain, so take extra care when removing and setting it aside.

Step 4 - Remove Actuator Chain

There is a chain or strap attached to the handle you push to flush the toilet. Remove it from the handle.

Step 5 - Remove the Old Flapper

The flapper has 2 “wings” which fit over posts on the mount. Pull the wings off of the posts and remove the flapper from the tank. Place it in the garbage. Time tends to make these valves shed layers, so be careful. The coating they build up over time is difficult to remove from painted surfaces if it splatters.

Step 6 - Install the New Flapper

Place the ball portion of the flapper in the tank opening and push the wings over the post to secure the flapper in place.

Step 7 - Reattach Actuator Pull Chain

Once the valve is in place and properly attached, you need to attach the chain that actuates it to the flush handle.  You may have to adjust the length of the chain by moving it up or down the actuator arm.

Step 8 - Turn Water Supply Back On

Reach below and behind the toilet and turn the water supply valve, or angle stop, back on. Allow the toilet to fill. Replace the toilet tank lid very carefully in order to not break it.

Step 9 - Test

Once the water level in the tank reaches the desired fill level, adjust the shutoff valve to maintain the proper level. Test your installation and the seal of the valve by flushing the toilet. Make sure the water turns off at the proper level and stays off. Wipe up any spilled or splashed water. Throw away the toilet tank flapper valve packaging.