Repairing Weather-Worn Exterior Trim

If you have exterior trim that is made out of wood, you may occasionally need to make repairs. This isn't a difficult job if you do it in a timely manner and don't wait until the wear is severe and requires a high level of carpentry skills to repair.

You Will Need

  • Bondo repair adhesive
  • Putty knife
  • Wood trim
  • Saw
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Sandpaper

Step 1: Determine the Wear

Examine the worn exterior trim carefully. Check to see if the problem is just peeling paint that needs to be primed and re-painted. If the wood is splintering or pieces of trim are missing, this is a larger repair that will take more work and more skill.

Step 2: Repairing the Wood

If an entire section of exterior wood trim is damaged, then you will have to replace it. Use the old piece as a pattern to cut the new piece. Purchase pressure treated wood of the same thickness as the original trim and enough length to fit in the opening. Cut it to size, and nail it in place. Prime the trim using oil based primer, and allow it to dry. Then, paint the new wood trim with exterior paint.

If a piece of wood is just damaged in spots, or if the trim is ornate or in a difficult place to work on, then you may try the carpenter's trick of using bondo repair adhesive to do the job. This is the same adhesive that is used on car bodies. You can use a putty knife to put it in place and shape it. When dry, sand it smooth to blend with the other trim, and then prime and paint it like wood.