Repairing Your Porch Overhang

What You'll Need
Triangle square
Reciprocating saw
Nails and screws
Wooden posts or slats

Repairing your porch overhang presents a moderate challenge. Your porch overhang may be separate from the main roof or may tie into it. A tie-in porch overhang that leads away water running off the main roof needs to operate properly in order to protect the porch below.

Step 1 – Determine if the Posts Are Load Bearing

You need to determine if the posts supporting the porch overhang are load bearing before you proceed with any repairs to soffits, old posts and railings. You might also find you need to add more support. Remove the soffit to see if the posts are installed as load bearing which would be long enough to extend to the end or the porch overhang.

Step 2 – Install Temporary Posts

If your posts are load bearing, place temporary posts under the front edge of the overhang to support its weight while you remove and replacie the load-bearing support posts. These temporary posts prevent the overhang weight from crashing down on you while you repair the overhang.

Step 3 – Remove the Old Posts

Remove the old posts with a reciprocating saw. Just make sure to have enough blades on hand for the varying types of material you may need to cut. Blades are available for different types of metal and wood.

Step 4 – Measure for New Posts

After you remove the old posts, measure the area where you need to install the new ones. Do not measure the old posts you cut out because you may need to place the new ones in a different spot or cut the posts flush to the old cut area made by removing the old posts.

Make a mark on the post after you’ve calculated the measurement. Draw a straight line with a triangle square and cut the post with either a chop or circular saw.

Step 5 – Secure the New Posts

If your posts and steps are both wood, secure the posts to the steps with a drill and wood screws. Install the screws through the bottom of the posts at a 45-degree angle. If the

steps are concrete, install special bracket holders to secure the posts to the concrete. To do this, use a drill with masonry bits to create screw or bolt holes to attach the brackets properly. Check with your home improvement center or building supply store for the right hardware to use with concrete.

Step 6 – Add Trim

Adding trim is a great way to hide any imperfections or gaps you create when you install your new porch overhang support posts.