Reparing Glazing on Wooden Sash Windows Reparing Glazing on Wooden Sash Windows

What You'll Need
Glazing putty
Putty knife
Glass if replacing
Glaziers points

If you have wooden sash windows, sooner or later you will need to repair the glazing that holds the glass in the frame. You will also need to reglaze the window if you are replacing a broken glass.Glazing is important since it holds in the glass and seals the glass against the frame to help prevent drafts. The job can be messy and a bit frustrating but is a do it yourself job that can be easily mastered with a bit of practice.

Step 1 - Purchasing the Putty

There are many brands of glazing putty on the market and you should read the packaging to determine which is the best type for your job. Various puttys can take from 2 to 4 hours to set up and be paintable. Weather and temperature can have an effect on the drying time of the putty. It will take longer to set up in damp or cold weather.

Step 2 - Preparing the Window

Use the putty knife to scrape off all the old, damaged glaze. It all must be removed before putting on new putty. If the window is being replaced, remove the glazing points and pull out the glass. Scrape the putty and loose paint, if any, from the rest of the frame. Test the new glass against the opening to make sure it is the proper size.

Step 3 - Glazing

Glazing putty is easier to handle if it is room temperature. You can do this by working a golf ball sized piece in your hands until its soft and pliable. You can also warm the container with a hand held hairdryer. If you are replacing the glass, pinch off small pieces and push against the wood frame to form a seat for the glass. Push the glass into the opening firmly. If putty oozes out, use the putty knife to remove it. When the glass is in place, press in glaziers points to hold the glass in place firmly until you finish the rest of the glazing. Push in as far as possible.

Once you have the glass in place, or if you are just replacing the glazing you can put the outside glazing on. Roll a piece between your hands to form a round cord , then push it into place around the edge of the glass. Don't be concerned if you leave finger prints or ridges as they will be smoothed in the next step.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Another method is to break off small pieces and push them against the frame and the glass if you don't like the cord method.

When all of the putty is in place, and while it is still soft and pliable, use the putty knife and run it at an angle over the putty to smooth it and push it against the frame. If you have replaced glass, be sure the glazing points are well hidden underneath the putty. You should have a nice beveled edge. Return scraped off putty to the container as it can be sealed and reused.

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