Replace a Ball Faucet Valve Replace a Ball Faucet Valve

What You'll Need
Faucet valve
Tape measure

A faucet valve plays a crucial role in the operation of the faucet sink. A faulty valve leads to frequent leakage. It will then require proper assessment to determine the cause of the leakage. Replacing the ball faucet pipe is an involving exercise. However, with the right tools and proper guidelines one can easily replace the faucet valve.

Step 1 – Shut off the Water Supply

Turn off the water supply. You may also turn off the main supply on the street. This is important to ensure that the floor is not flooded as you work on the ball faucet valve. After closing off the supply, turn on the faucet and the valve to ensure no water remains on the pipe

Step 2 – Establish Pipe Type

Identify the kind of pipes that are required for replacement. These may be PVC or copper piping. Be sure to get the exact type for replacement. Copper piping falls into 2 categories: rigid and flexible. Since this is a repair job, use a flexible copper pipe. A flexible pipe is easy to manipulate. For copper piping replacement, you will need a propane torch to sweat the joints so that it can fit snugly into the old piping.

Step 3 – Cut the Pipe

Cut the pipe on both sides of the valve using a hacksaw. However, the cuts should not be too close to the valve. This is because it will be necessary to splice the pipe. Then use a screwdriver to remove the handle. The handle is held in place by a small setscrew beneath the faucet.

Step 4 – Remove the Cap

Remove the cap, which is normally dome shaped. Remove the cam and its washer. You now have access to the ball itself. At this point, you need to be very careful and observe exactly how the ball fits into the pin. If you do not get it right, then you will not be able to reassemble the faucet. Extract the ball from the pin.

Step 5 – Measure Width of Opening

Take a tape measure and measure the width of the opening made in the pipe. Attach a small piece of the pipe into the opening. Use a coupler fitting to secure it in that new position. Remove the old ball valve. Make sure the new ball valve is the exact replica of the old one in terms of measurements. It may be advisable to go with the old ball valve to your local hardware store and get its exact replacement.

Step 6 – Insert the New Valve

Insert the new valve in place of the old one. For copper piping, you will need to clean the end of the pipe that will attach to the old pipe. Use sand paper or steel wool to do this. Also, make sure that the inside of the pipe is also as clean. Any form of dirt will cause the pipe to have a poor seal. Apply a light coat of flux to the cleaned end of the pipe using a flux brush. Use a propane torch to sweat the pipe. Use a coupling of the proper size to secure the new valve in place. After this, turn on the water supply and observe if there are any leaks.

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