Replace a Carbon Brush in a Power Drill

Many power drills begin to fail when the carbon brush on the motor wears out. Instead of replacing your entire drill, all that is required is that you replace the carbon brush, a relatively easy project that can help you avoid the expense of buying a new power tool.


Locating the Carbon Brush

Look for the brushes on the motor from the outside of the tool to determine if either of them has lost contact with the motor. The brushes are always located on opposite sides of the motor from one another, so when you locate one, look on the other side for the other.


Carefully open the case of the motor and remove the brush caps to examine the brushes. The brushes are very brittle so be careful. If the brushes are long enough to touch the armature then chances are more is wrong than worn brushes. However, if one of the brushes is worn more than the other and does not reach the armature, replacing the brushes will probably fix your drill.


Replacing the Carbon Brushes

Remove the brushes from their mounts and order replacement parts from the manufacturer. Make sure that you order the correct replacement brushes for your tool’s model. When the parts arrive install them in the reverse order that you removed the brushes.


It is quite simple to make this fix you your power drill if you find that the carbon brushes are worn out. Inspect your drill today to see if you can make this easy fix to save you money on a replacement drill.