Replace a Fireplace Screen Curtain Step by Step

What You'll Need
Replacement fireplace screen
Power drill and various size drill bits designed for concrete

The fireplace screen curtain that covers your fireplace opening is an important fixture of this part of your home. It not only helps to prevent the fireplace from being damaged by children, pets and dropped items that may otherwise knock into it, but it also provides protection to ensure that the fire cannot escape the fireplace and that no flammable items from outside may enter into the fireplace. Read on for a brief guide on how to complete this project at home.

Step 1—Remove the Existing Screen

Before you can install the new screen in place over your fireplace, you'll first need to get rid of the existing screen that is old, broken or worn out. Many people wait to purchase the new screen until they've removed the previous one so that they can be sure that the sizing for the new screen is correct.

To remove the screen, look to the top and bottom of the screen, as well as to both sides. Find the screws that are installed to hold the screen into place and determine whether they are attached to the side or the front of the brick fireplace. Use the drill or a screwdriver to carefully unscrew these screws and remove them. Pull the screen away from the fireplace and up so that it doesn't scratch the fireplace brick.

Step 2—Select a Screen and Test for Fit

It's easiest to purchase a new screen that is the same design as the old screen. The two most common designs for these curtains are those that are secured in place by hand screws on the sides of the fireplace and those that are secured with screws directly into the front of the fireplace. In either case, mark the measurements of the screen and take them with you when you purchase a replacement. Bring the new screen home and test it for fit by setting it over the fireplace.

Step 3—Install the Support Screws

Beginning on the outside of the fireplace, you'll need to install the screws to support it in place. If the screws will fit into the existing holes, you'll merely need to use the screwdriver to twist them into place. If the format of the screws is somewhat different from the previous fireplace screen curtain, however, you should use the power drill and the appropriate size concrete bit to drill holes where they need to be. Use a piece of chalk to mark the places on the brick for drilling.

Secure the screws into place so that they fit tightly. Test the screen to be sure that it is stable and that it will not fall if bumped or hit by an outside object before you leave it.