Replace a Garage Door Opener Chain: 4 Tips

A garage door opener chain can seem like a complex home improvement task. The following tips will make the job easier to complete.

1 - Safety

Be sure the power to the garage door opener has been shut off. If you are unable to locate the fuse to the garage door, shut off the main power. Put on protective eye wear. Have someone with you while you are working.

2 - Connecting the Tubing and Traveler

Carefully connect the tubing that links the power assembly to the garage door. Connect the pulley to the front of the tubing. Install the traveler. This part moves from the front of the garage to the back in order to open the garage door. Connect the rear end of the tubing to the power assembly.

3 - Connecting the Master Links

Connect the master links through both the chain end and the traveler. Connect the top link. Secure the top link with a clip. Run the chain around the power assembly sprocket. Connect another master link through the other chain end and the adjustable door bolt. Secure the bolt with the locking nut. The cable should then be run through the pulley and then be connected to the traveler with another master link.

4 - Testing the New Chain

Plug in the new system. Reconnect the power supply to the garage. Test the sensors to be sure the new system is working properly.