Replace a Leaking Pull Out Spray Kitchen Faucet Hose

a hand holds a kitchen faucet hose over cranberries, rinsing them
What You'll Need
Locking pliers
New hose replacement
Plumber's tape

If you have been struggling to fix your leaking pull out spray kitchen faucet hose, then you may be considering replacing it entirely. Although most hoses can be easily fixed by simply running water through them to remove clogs and other problems, sometimes a complete replacement is necessary. Rather than having to call in a plumber and have them replace your pull out spray kitchen faucet hose, and having to spend a lot of money, you can perform this replacement yourself. All that you need are a few basic household tools, and a guide to removing and installing a spray hose for your kitchen faucet, and you can save yourself some money.

Step 1 - Turn off the Water Supply

The first thing that you need to do is cut off the water to that part of the kitchen. You should be able to find a water supply cut-off valve under your sink. This can be turned with a wrench, and then the water run out in order to clear the pipes. If you cannot find the valve, or find it hard to turn, then you may be better off using the main water supply valve in the garden or elsewhere outside the house. Turn this off using your wrench, and again run the taps until the pipes are empty.

Step 2 - Remove the Hose

You can then begin to remove the hose. Start with the spray head. Using your wrench, unscrew the bolt at the side of the head, and then gently twist the head to the side. You should be able to pull it off using this method. If you find it difficult, then you may need to use the locking pliers to keep the hose steady while you turn the head. Pull off the head, and leave to one side. Push the hose down through the hole in the sink until you can see it below the countertop. Take a hold of it, and pull it down. Once you have most of the hose through the pipe, use the locking pliers to secure the hose, and then gently pull it off of the connection.

Step 3 - Replace the Hose

Once the hose is removed, you can then replace it with the other. Push the hose through the faucet from the top, and then pull it down until you can connect it up to the water supply. Secure it in this position using plumber's tape. When this connection has been made, pull all of the hose through the faucet, and take up your spray head. You can replace the washer in the spray head at the same time, as they can get worn out and need replacing often. When you have done this, push the spray head onto the hose. Using the wrench again, tighten it up so that the hose is capable of holding the sprayer. You should then be able to turn on the water, and begin using the spray hose again.