Replace a Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Spray Head

What You'll Need
Replacement spray head
Plumber's tape

If you need to fix your pull out spray kitchen faucet head, then one option is to completely remove and replace it. By taking out the faucet head, you will be able to leave the rest of the pull out spray kitchen faucet hose assembly intact, which makes it a great deal easier to do the replacement. Removing and replacing the head can be a little difficult, and if you are unsure about your skill level, you might want to call in a plumber instead. However, the project can be completed by anyone with a few home improvement skills, and once you follow some basic guidelines, you should be able to manage this job yourself.

Step 1 - Turn off the Water

The first thing that you need to do whenever you are handling water is to turn off the water supply. Most common practice is to turn off the water at the valve below your kitchen sink, but if you have high water pressure, you may want to turn the water off at the main supply valve, as this will prevent you being bothered by any water surges which occur. Turn off the valve using your wrench, making sure that it is turned all the way to the off position, and then run out any water which has remained in the pipes. Put a bucket below your sink in order to catch any other drips.

Step 2 - Remove the Head

You can now take off the head which needs to be replaced. Start by closing a pair of locking pliers around the top of the head. Make sure that they are firmly locked. Then, using your wrench, unscrew the bolt at the side of the spray head. This is holding the pull out spray kitchen faucet head onto the hose, and you will not be able to remove the head without loosening this bolt. Once you have the bolt loose, then you can take hold of the pipe below the head, and turn it in one direction, while you turn the locked pliers the other way. The head should fall off.

Step 3 - Replace the Head

Once you are ready, you can replace the head. Take the new piece, and lay it out alongside the hose. You should be able to see a small washer at the edge of the hose. Remove this washer, and fit a new one in the same position. These washers wear out regularly, so it is a good idea to replace them when you can. Take the spray head, and place it into the hose. Using your wrench, tighten it up at the side until the head and the hose are joined. Take a small amount of plumber's tape, and wrap it around the join, so that you can avoid leaks. When  this is done, you can turn the water back on.