Replace a Sliding Glass Shower Door with Curtains

What You'll Need
Power Screwdriver
Utility Knife
Putty Knife
Stiff Brush
Tub-Patching Compound (Tile Grout)
Shower Curtain Rings
Tension Rod

A shower curtain is a perfect substitute for sliding glass shower door, as it serves as a border between the wet shower area and the dry one in your bathroom. Shower curtains are easy to handle, replace and maintain.

Replacing sliding glass doors with shower curtains is a moderately easy task, and just requires some basic knowledge of the process. Using the tools and steps below, you can remove the sliding glass door and install the shower curtains without facing much difficulty.

Step 1: Remove the Door Panel and Frame

First of all, remove the glass door from the panel by lifting it up and out of the overhead track. Then set it aside safely, so as to avoid any unnecessary mishap or damage to the glass. Then, use a power screwdriver, and undo the screws keeping the frame intact. While you’re at it, take special care of the surrounding tile work, for it can easily get cracked if pressure is wrongly applied. Finally, use a utility knife to cut away any glue or sealant around the frame. Now, the frame will come off without much trouble.

Step 2: Treat the Leftovers

Use a towel to dry the area where the frame was, and a stiff brush to clean any leftovers or residue left behind. After that area is free of any scrap, mix a tub-patching compound and apply using a putty knife to fill in the possible holes or cracks left behind from the removal. It is important to note that the compound must be allowed to dry out completely for about 12-13 hours, and it is obviously not advisable to use the bath tub until the compound is fully dry. Do note that tile grout should not be used to fill gaps in fiberglass, and a recommendable patching compound, which gives a waterproof and permanent solution to any left behind screw holes should be used.

Step 3: Install the Tension Rod

A typical measurement for Tension rod’s installation is approximately 3-4 inches from the ceiling of the shower. However, a more specific position is the height, as per the dimensions of your bathroom, at which the hanging curtain does not touch the floor but is lower than the top edge of the bath tub. After determining the height, put the brackets on both sides of the shower that will hold the rod. These brackets will come with the rod itself when you buy it from the store. Slid the curtain rings over the rod. Raise the rod to that height, press one side of the rod to the wall and slide the other side (with the cap) into place. Adjust the rod until it is tight enough to support the curtain effectively.

Step 3: Hang the Curtains

To install shower curtains, place them on shower curtain rings. See to it that you do not place the curtain on the rod before it is actually hung up.