Replace a Spa Heater in 8 Steps

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  • 6-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-2.800
What You'll Need
Pipe Wrench
Crescent Wrench
New Spa Heater

If you have a spa, there will come a time when you will need to replace the spa heater. There are two types of spa heaters. You can have an electrical in line heater that houses a heating element in some type of casing. Your spa may also have a gas heater that is attached on the outside of the spa. Replacing your hot tub heater can be done with a few simple steps.

Step One - Turn Off Power and Water

Before you start pulling out any type of hot tub heater you must make sure the power is off. Go to the breaker box and make sure that the breaker is turned off. Then turn your attention to the water valves on each side of the heating unit and turn them off.

Step Two - Drain the Water

Using the same drain that you use to change the water from time to time, drain all of the water out of the tub.

Step Three - Remove Power Line to Heater

Once the water is drained and you are sure the power is turned off, remove the power line that is connected to the heater. It can be connected in two ways. If it is plugged into the control unit, then simply unplug it. If it is hardwired into the unit, disconnect the wires. Label each one before you pull them to make sure they go back on the right way.

Step Four - Remove Old Heater

Using a pipe wrench, take off the couplings that are holding down the heater unit. They will be large couplings on either side of the heater. Once they are removed, you can carefully lift out the old spa heater.

Step Five - Install New Heater

In the reverse order you will install the new heater. Check to make sure the housing area is clean and that there isn't any debris that might have fallen in. Set the new spa heater inside the area and make sure it is level.

Step Six - Make All Connections

Using your pipe wrench again and replace the couplings that hold down the spa heater. Once it is situated securely in place you can reconnect the power plug. Make sure the labeled wires correspond to the correct areas.

Step Seven - Refill Spa

After all the connections are made you can now refill the hot tub. Turn on the water and let the water get back to its normal level. Turn the power back onto the spa and let the pump begin circulating the water and the heater warming it up.

Step Eight - Gas Heater

Replacing a gas heater for spa is done in the same fashion as an electrical one. The only difference being that you will need to shut off the gas as well as the power and disconnect the gas lines. There are also inlet and outlet pipes that bring the water into the heater for warming up. They will also need to be disconnected.