Replace an Insulated Glass Unit in a Screw-Type Sash

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What You'll Need
Insulated glass unit
Glass setting tape
Caulking gun
Pry bar
Utility knife
Putty knife

Replacing an insulated glass unit is very easy for a do it yourself homeowner if it is within a screw type sash. By replacing this unit yourself you can save hundreds of dollars by not having to hire a contractor to do it. Here is a simple way to do this project quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Remove Window and Pry Off Stops

Remove the window from its position and begin to pry off the stops. Use a small pry bar, or a metal putty knife and work them back and forth carefully to pry away the stops.

Step 2 - Cut Caulking

Try to remove the insulated glass unit with a utility knife and cut the caulking on the underside of the window sash. You may get lucky and this will work. If not, you will need to break the glass.

Step 3 - Break Glass

Cover the window with a piece of cardboard and tap it with a hammer until the glass breaks. Remove each piece of glass with the pry bar and putty knife. Remove the old putty as well.

Step 4 - Replace Insulated Glass Unit

Apply a bead of silicone caulking to the window sash. Set the new piece of insulated glass unit into the sash. Place the stops onto the edges of the glass and attach with 3/4 inch brad nails. Replace the window into its original position.