Replace Damaged or Broken Bathroom Paneling Replace Damaged or Broken Bathroom Paneling

What You'll Need
Drop cloth
Work gloves
New panel
Measuring tape
Adhesive remover

When you are replacing bathroom paneling you don't have to be an expert to get the job done. Removing damaged panels is easy to do. Make sure that you have the necessary tools to complete the project.

Step 1 - Preparation

Spread a cloth or blanket over the bathroom floor to ensure that any unwanted debris will be collected while doing the job. Also remove anything out of the bathroom that will interfere with the job. For example, remove any magazines, soaps, shampoos or bottles.

Next, take the measuring tape and measure the areas where the new panel will be placed in the bathroom. Also, be sure to measure the area above the tub because the measurement will be different.

Step 2 - Purchase

Visit your local hardware retail store and buy the paneling that will best suit your bathroom. The panels will come in a variey of styles and colors. You can also review decorating magazines for more ideas for a new look in your bathroom. You will want to add a timeless look to your bathroom because they will last for some time.

Step 3 - Saftey

Place the googles over your eyes and the work gloves over your hands. It is also important to wear a mask to avoid inhaling fumes. The googles will protect your eyes from debris or dirt. The gloves will protect your hands from cuts or scrapes. You will use a chisel for this work so be sure to keep your hands safe.

Step 4 - Chisel

Take a chisel and place it at the edge of the molding. Once this is done, take the hammer and hit the chisel with it. This will loosen the molding. Then, pull the edge of it with the chisel. Continue to chisel until all of the molding is gone. Next, you will place the chisel at the edge of the panel. Use the hammer to tap the chisel again. The chisel blade will slide under the panel. The chisel will be moved to make the panel edge loose.

Take the crowbar and push the end of it under the loose edge and continue to pull up the panel. Pull the loose panel in your direction until it comes off.

Step 5 - Remove adhesive

Use adhesive remover to take the remaining adhesive off the wall. All the adhesive to set for awhile so that it can work properly. Once the adhesive remover softens, it can scraped completely off. Clean the wall with a wet towel and allow sufficient time for the wall to dry.

Step 6 - Replacing

Place new adhesive onto the wall. Once the new adhesive is applied, the new panels can be placed onto the wall to give the bathroom a new look. You can also add special accents with paint colors to give your room a personal touch.

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