Replace Roof Flashing Easily

Roof flashing is made up of metal sheets that serve as a last line of defense on your roof against water leaks. Roof flashing is placed on top of the wall construction and roof joints to prevent seepage of rain water inside the house. If there are water leaks in your roof, you can easily replace your damaged roof flashing by following the steps below.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Hammer
  • New roof flashing
  • Metal break
  • Metal cutting snips

Step 1 — Remove the Old Roof Flashing

You need to remove the shingles. Do so with great care so that you can use the shingles when you attach the new flashing. Use of the back of a hammer to loosen the shingles. Then loosen and take out the old flashing. If it runs up to the wall, you also need to loosen the siding in order to remove the flashing.

Step 2 — Use a metal cutting snip to cut the metal flashing to the desired measurement. It would be better to cut a bigger flashing than you need than to err towards cutting a small one.

Step 3 Install the New Roof Flashing

Add a new piece of flashing to replace the old flashing you took out behind the siding. Reattach to the wall by crimping with a metal break. Then add the new flashing to replace the old ones. Hammer back the shingles near the edges of the flashing.