Replace the Water Pump in Your Car

A water pump is one of the many parts on your car that you don’t think about until it breaks. Replacing the water pump can be a complicated process; don’t try it yourself without some mechanical expertise.

Step One – Find a New Pump

Know the year and model number of the car as well as the engine size when you look for your new water pump. You can generally find them in local auto parts stores as well as online.

Step Two – Prepare the Car

Allow the engine to cool completely and disconnect the battery. Put a drain pan under the engine and drain the entire cooling system.

Step Three – Remove Belts, Hoses, and the Pump

To work on the water pump, you’ll need to remove the drive belts and perhaps the engine pulley. Remove any parts that block your access to the water pump (there may be several) and detach any hoses from the pump. Carefully unbolt and remove the pump.

Step Four – Clean and Seal

Using a liquid engine cleaner and a rag, clean the engine block area, especially where the pump fits in. Replace the pump’s gaskets.

Step Five – Replace Pump

Carefully put the new pump in place and torque it according to manual specs. Replace all hoses and belts and tighten them appropriately.