Replace Vinyl Siding on a Budget

A home with vinyl siding.

It is possible to replace vinyl siding even if you are on a tight budget. While this material is very durable and has a longer life span compared to others, there are some factors that can contribute to the degradation of your vinyl siding. Let us look at what makes people choose vinyl siding. One of the marketing ploys is that with vinyl siding you will have no need for house repainting anymore. You can choose vinyl in many different colors and it can even look like certain types of wood. Another reason that people choose to go with vinyl siding is that they are promised lower electricity bills. But this is not always the case since vinyl does not provide a good amount of insulation.

Why Vinyl Siding Should Be Replaced

If you live in an area that is under extreme weather conditions, you might have to replace your vinyl siding more often because in these cases it is less durable compared to wood. The thin panels of the vinyl siding can succumb under strong winds.

One other thing that can require you to replace your vinyl siding is when debris blown by the strong winds flies into your siding and punctures the vinyl. When this happens, you cannot simply patch the damaged part, you will have to replace the entire section.

Some other reasons to replace vinyl siding could be a choice to go with a different color, a switch from old vinyl to new vinyl, and fading of the vinyl color.

Replacing Vinyl Siding for Less

When you wish to replace your home's vinyl siding, you can do so for a lot cheaper by opting to make it a do-it-yourself project. Usually when you purchase new vinyl siding, it will come with installation instructions from the manufacturer. When this is available, always follow these. It is also possible that only a small part of the vinyl siding needs replacement, such as if a hole was punched through the panel. In this case, you do not have to replace the whole exterior and you end up saving money.

Very simple tools are needed to install your replacement vinyl. You will only need a nail hole punch, a snap-lock punch, and a tool to unlock or separate the vinyl panels.

Remember that vinyl siding is made out of PVC which is a material that easily contracts and expands. When you are nailing the panels in place, always nail in the middle of the slots so that there is room for the panel to move.

Even if you do want to spend less money on your new vinyl sliding, you still have to make sure that you get a good quality brand so that you can avoid replacement in the future. The thickness of the siding determines its level of quality. Compare the thickness with the price of the panel. The thickness is measured is in thousandths of an inch.