Replace Vinyl Siding with Stucco

What You'll Need
Roofing felt
Metal lathe and screening
Scaffolding (if your home is too high for a regular extension ladder)

There are many ways that you can go ahead and replace vinyl siding with different types of exterior home materials. In fact, there was a time when home builders found it cheaper to build new homes with vinyl. Specially so in an area where they had a huge parcel of land to develop.  Now that these areas are maturing you will find that homeowners are upgrading their homes and want their home to stand out from the rest of the homes in the area.

Homes owners are now starting to replace the vinyl with stucco.  The following is a guide to help you remove the vinyl and install stucco.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Vinyl Siding

The first thing you will have to remove the old siding from the house. It is your choice of how much of the siding you will replace. You will find this not that hard as the top of each vinyl piece is nailed to the wall and the bottoms snap in place on the top of the one below it. Next pieces are snapped in place to the first piece.

Step 2 - Install Felt

You will now take the roofing felt that you purchased at your local home improvement store and staple it to the walls of the house.

Step 3 - Attach Metal Lathe and Screening

Now take the metal lath or screening and attach it to the house using nails made of galvanize. When cutting the metal you will need to use metal snips.

Step 4 - Apply the Stucco Base Coat

The stucco has a base coat that you will have to apply. Using a trowel, spread the base to the metal lath to a depth of ¼” making sure that all the metal lath is covered.

The base coat that you have just applied will need to dry for 3 of 4 days. To make the concrete become strong you should wet it occasionally.

Step 5 - Tint the Stucco

There are different color tints that are on the market to choose from. You will take the tint you chose and mix it with water then add it to the stucco.

Step 6 - Apply the Stucco

Take your trowel and apply the stucco to your base coat. This also should be about ¼” thick. Do not make it too thin. This last coat will need to cure or dry for several days. You need to lightly wet it once or twice a day until completely cured.

If you decide to make a textured design on the stucco you will need to apply an additional coat of stucco to the walls. When you are finished take a broom or a textured roller or a trowel to make a pattern. Using a broom will make arcs, swirls and circles. To make an arc take the broom to the wet stucco and turn the broom a quarter of a turn to make arcs, half a turn to make swirls and a full turn to make circles. If you use a textured roller it will make a point in the texture of the stucco.