More on Replacing a Faucet More on Replacing a Faucet

Faucets are replaced for a variety of reasons. There are several things to look out for when choosing a new faucet. The hole patterns of your old faucet should match the pattern of the new faucet. If there is any doubt about the pattern, take the old faucet with you or measure carefully for the hole placement.

Step 1: Cut water supply off at the shut off valves. These are usually under the sink; if not cut the water off to the home from outside at the main water valve.

Step 2: Remove the supply lines with a crescent wrench. Some water is left in the lines so a catch basin or bucket will be needed.

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Step 3: With the supply lines disconnected, you can now remove the faucet by releasing the nuts under the counter top. Use a basin wrench to do this because it is a tight area to work in. If the nuts are difficult to remove use penetrating oil to loosen the nuts. Disconnect the other end of the supply lines and lift the faucet out after removing the nuts.

Note: The pop-up stopper in the sink will need to be disconnected before removing the faucet. The three most common assemblies are:

  1. Those that sit on top of the pivot rod and simply lift out.
  2. Those that require a twist to free them because of a slot that hooks the body to the arm.
  3. Stoppers that are attached with a pivot rod. The pivot rod is released by loosening a clevis screw on the lift rod assembly. Know which type of stopper you have. It is a good idea to draw a diagram when disconnecting the stopper to help with the reassembly.

Step 4. Apply PTFE tape to prevent leaks at each new nipple. Check the new faucet for a gasket. If the new faucet does not have a gasket, use plumber's putty to create a seal.

Step 5. Replace the basin nuts and attach the supply lines. Check the seat of the lines. Make sure the brass washer is in good shape and fits down properly before tightening the supply line nuts.

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