Replacement Chairs

Replacement chairs are replacements for any number of chairs in a set of chairs. You’ll need replacement chairs if one of more of the chairs have been damaged in some way, in order to complete the set. Replacement chairs can be bought from the same manufacturer as the chairs from the original set. The best practice when buying a kitchen or dinette set is to keep records of brand, name, and serial numbers, so that it will be easy to find replacement chairs.

Finding Replacement Chairs

If you cannot get replacement chairs directly from the manufacturer – if the particular type of chair you’re looking for has been discontinued for instance, eBay is a wonderful resource.

In looking for replacement chairs, you can also search on Craigslist or The WantAdvertizer, and other such websites. For fine furniture, as in an expensive dining room set, replacement chairs can always be custom made through a chair making company, though this will usually be a more expensive way to go.