Replacement Diving Board Installation Made Easy

If you begin to see signs that your diving board is cracking or warping, then it is time to install a replacement diving board. Installing a replacement diving board is simple with these helpful steps.

  • Check the diving board stand very carefully looking for signs of wear, such as cracks or warping to the material. Check all the bolts, nuts and any other metal hardware. Any hardware showing signs of rust should be replaced.
  • Purchase a new diving board the same length and thickness of the original diving board. If possible, look for one which also has pre-drilled holes in the same positions as your old diving board.
  • Remove the nuts holding the current diving board in place. Remove the lock washers and the bolt plate.
  • Replace the old rubber cushion, then put the new diving board on the stand.
  • Reattach the bolt plate and replace the lock washers. Put the bolts back in place and tighten.