Replacement Options for Spa Hot Tub Covers

Spa hot tub covers are available in the market to give you more options to adorn your tubs. These hot tub covers come in different colors, makes, and quality to suit your personal preferences.

Rolling Cover

Rolling covers are made of vinyl, thin foam and plastic barrier, thus making it more on the softer side. This kind of spa hot tub cover is often found in tubs that are used frequently. Rolling covers are very convenient, making it easy for you to place and remove on your hot tub.

Double Hinge Covers

Double hinge covers are hard shell covers that you often find in hot tubs that are located out of your house. Although they may be difficult to place on top of your tub, the cover’s toughness allows it to protect any tub from the elements.

Solar Cover

If you want to keep the water in your hot tub warm, even when you aren’t using it, you should consider getting a solar cover. This kind of cover will assure that you’ll have a warm bath waiting for you without having to pay a huge electric bill.