Replacement Pressure Washer Hose

Whether used for residential or commercial applications, damage or standard wear and tear might necessitate the purchase of a replacement pressure washer hose. Replacement hoses may also be used to link with current ones, increasing the range of the tool. Rather than purchase one long hose, two or more shorter hoses provide the same range and function individually should one wear out. When shopping around, look for replacement hose that provides the length and durability necessary to handle highly-pressurized water as well as meets the specifications of the washer.

Replacement Hose Types

A pressure washer hose is comprised of three basic parts: the inner core; the wire wrap; and the outer cover. Single- and double-wire wrapped hoses are available, with the double-wrapped version more durable. Wire wrap is a braided covering of the inner core, providing strength while retaining hose flexibility. The outer cover is either made from rubber or a thermoplastic material. 

Hose Specifications

A good replacement pressure washer hose should have quick-coupling ends for easy attachment to the pump and various nozzles. A hose features a max PSI as well as a temperature rating. Purchasing a hose rated to a higher PSI than the washer will ensure it is never overloaded. Hot water pressure washers require special replacement hoses rated to a higher temperature.