Replacement Window Prices for Different Types of Windows

It is sometimes difficult to determine replacement window prices when it comes time to replace either a window pane or an entire window that may need to be updated for energy and climate efficiency within your home. There are so many different manufacturers and vendors who provide their own rates that it can be confusing.

Energy Efficient Windows

When you are looking to replace your single pane windows with double-pane energy efficient windows, you need to also decide if you are going to increase or decrease the amount of window you are going to install. You need to consider whether you will tackle the project yourself or if you will pay an installation team to put them in for you. Cost for the windows alone can range in cost from around $350.00 to nearly $2,000.00. It all depends on efficiency and the size of the windows you wish to choose from.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are beautiful, provide curb appeal, and are nice for sitting in, soaking up the sun, and reading a good book or curling up with your favorite pet. Bay windows involve more work, more structure and construction and therefore can cost more money. Bay windows start around $800.00 and can cost up to and beyond $7,000.00 depending on what you would like. Besides the window itself a bay window requires brackets and other construction that can increase the costs even more.

Picture Windows

Large picture windows are nice. They let in the sunshine, they can be an additional bonus of aesthetic value inside and outside your home. Picture windows are a great asset in a living or family room. Many display their beautiful holiday decorations with pride through their picture window. Picture windows are sold in panels. Each may range in cost from around $150.00 to nearly $500.00. To determine the cost of a picture window setup it is best to draw out the picture window plan, determine sizes, shapes, and add up the costs of each panel that you will need.

Various Other Windows

Double or triple paned glass provides good insulation, horizontal slider windows are useful as are the windows that you can detach and rotate in for cleaning. Of course each of these windows may cost small amounts of money, or they may cost a great deal depending on the size and the materials used for the framework. Frames can be tin, steel, aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Make sure that your choices will work with your own home as well as be acceptable to your neighbors. Radical changes in a home's appearance may reduce the curb appeal of many neighboring homes. Each of these types of windows can range in price from $160.00 to $1,200.00.


Regardless of which type of window you have decided will meet your needs it is important to shop around to find the best price. Vendors tend to have sales during particular seasons in order to expand their revenue during the winter, after the holidays when the tax man is calling, and even in the spring to coincide with spring cleaning and the homeowner's desire to upgrade their home.